Zinkan Zeolites – A Family Company

In 1960, Mr Jim Zinkan began his career in treating water used in boilers, cooling systems and other related areas. By 1982, he had reached the point where he was able to realize his dream to have his own company in the water treatment industry and thus began a career that would last over 30 years and become know as Zinkan Enterprise, Inc.

By 2010, Zinkan had grown his business into an International operation and with patented and trade secret technologies. Zinkan Enterprises was recognized for it’s extremely effective and very cost efficient treatment approaches to control dust, corrosion deposits in mining, and power generation facilities and and throughout the water treatment market. In 2011-12 Mr Zinkan accepted and offer to sell controlling interest in the company but in the process he retained all rights to the Zeolite technologies that he had began developing in 2006.

In 2014, Mr Zinkan has established a new organization, Zinkan Zeolites, LLC. His focus is to utilize this unique mineral to treat contaminated water so it can safely be discharged under NPDES and other waste regulations. Since starting in May of 2014, Zinkan Zeolites, LLC. has acquired new patented technology that fits very nicely into the business plans for the company. This new patented technology utilized precious metals like Palladium, Silver, Gold, Nickle, Copper and many other metals. In a more recent expansion for this business segment, an additional and very important technical advance is now being introduced. Combing precious metals recovery with safe cyanide destruction within the units when combined with catalyzed Zeolite post treatment.