Zinkan Zeolites LLC provides energy efficient and cost effective technologies for a broad range of applications, including bio-energy, concrete, metals recovery, industrial waste treatment and capture along with remediation. We focus on deployment of the unique Iproperties of our specially developed zeolites for a broad range of applications. We also focus on the related deployment of electrowinning technology through our EW Division to recover and recycle valuable metals used in various manufacturing process. Plus our Gilligan Technology Division provides a full range of water treatment technologies.


Zinkan Zeolites - EW Division

Metal Recovery

Zinkan Zeolites - Gilligan Technologies

Industrial Water Treatment Products and Equipment for Boilers, Cooling and Waste water systems.

Zeolite Applications

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Our zeolites capture and hold hazardous materials for further processing or disposal.

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Our zeolites are added to concrete to provide greater compression strength, chemical resistance, reduced curing time, and energy/fuel savings.